About growth marketing, building growth models and designing experiments (CXL Mini-degree Review)

Growth Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

  • The Focus
  • The Process

The founding philosophy of growth

  1. You set out creating a hypothesis
  2. Find efficient ways to test your hypothesis
  3. Design and run experiments that will validate or invalidate your hypothesis
  4. Track important metrics and use the learnings to move forward.
  • Do past customers want to receive discount offer emails at all?
  • Why do they convert? Is it the messaging? Or the value of the offer?
  • After how long after they completed their first course should we offer them discount offers? One day, 2 weeks, or 3 months? And how often?

The Holy grail of growth

How do you build a growth process?

  • Define a high-level strategy of your growth model
  • Map out your customer journey
  • Identify your growth channels
  • Move into quarterly planning
  • In-quarter execution

So, what makes a successful growth marketer?

  • Channel-level expertise: This refers to an experience with growth channels such as search engine optimization, email marketing, etc. At the minimum, you need to have an understanding of how all the growth channels work.
  • Analytical Capabilities: A growth marketer should possess the ability to analyze data from experiments and draw valuable insights. This is possible using tools like Excel and SQL.
  • Strategic thinking and Cross-functional project management: This is probably where I think I’m great at the most. It refers to the ability to come up with great ideas, prioritize and pick the right experiments to run, lead the implementation and collaborate with other teams, etc



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Abdulsamod Balogun

Abdulsamod Balogun

Communications and PR Lead, Leonine Investment Services Limited. Enthused about Technology, New Media, Finance and Leadership.