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Okay. Let’s take a step back now. Take a look at the content in your content calendar and library. Can you tell what is predominant in the range of content that you’re creating?

If you’re a SaaS business, you’ll discover that most of your content strategy is directed at attracting new customers.

It is about increasing the awareness of your product and getting more people to experience your product and potentially converting them into paying customers.

After then, what comes next? Ask some marketers and all you’ll hear is crickets.

Indeed, acquiring a customer is only half of the hurdle…

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I’m almost at the end of the Growth Marketing Minidegree program with CXL Institute. It’s been 10 weeks already. This means I have 2 more weeks to round off.

There’s been so much to learn and unlearn in marketing and growth. My summaries on this blog are probably only just a scratch on the surface.

This week, I focused my learning on the Data Analytics Stack of the program covering Attribution, Microsoft Excel, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. Most of what I shared below are focused on the first two courses — Attribution and Microsoft Excel.

Let’s jump right…

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Creating decent content is only a quarter of the battle. It’s not enough to put content together, it’s important that you’re creating valuable content, and optimizing same for search, social, and email marketing. Some marketers create content for crickets. You don’t want to be one of those. And I’ll give you a headstart with the tips I’ll share subsequently.

I took out some of these tips while breezing through the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), technical SEO, content strategy courses in the channel-specific growth skills stack in my growth marketing Minidegree programme with CXL Institute.

It starts with great research — Find out what your potential customers are already searching for

Google is a great place to…

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The knowledge of growth will be almost inconsequential without understanding the growth channels and how you use them. I mean, channels like Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Account-based Marketing, etc. can help you drive growth significantly only if you know how to use them.

I spent this week understanding the different channels in the channel-specific growth track of my Growth Marketing Minidegree with CXL Institute.

The channel-specific growth track is so detailed I doubt that I’ll be able to do justice to a full review here. I’ll herald this review on Account-Based Marketing and some Content Marketing.


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Talk is cheap! It’s easy for anyone to talk about how digital has changed the world and perhaps discuss all the digital channels available at our fingertips. What’s not as easy is perhaps outlining “how” these channels will be deployed and peculiar creative ideas that can be implemented to impact the bottom line of businesses.

This is what your marketing strategy covers. It’s the overall game plan for how you intend to reach your potential customers, engaging them and turning them into paying customers and loyal advocates.

In your strategy, there will be different touchpoints. One of them can be…

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A landing page isn’t the same as your typical web pages. You probably knew that already or not.

A landing page is the page users land on after clicking a link from an ad or other sources. It is particularly focused on one clear conversion goal.

If you’re already familiar with landing pages, you would already know that they are not perfect at first attempt — they require constant optimization. If you’re just getting to know about landing pages, hold fast as there’s more to know.

The landing page optimization course as part of CXL Institute’s Growth Marketing Minidegree is…

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Ever thought about if changing the text, color, or orientation of a CTA button on a particular page of your website will help improve the experience of your users? Did it ever occur to you that that small change can also perhaps increase your conversions for good?

It must have crossed your mind.

It’s one thing to think it. It’s another to actually put that thought through a scientific process to determine if it is worth implementing.

This is what A/B testing is about.

Simply, you’re showing two variants (backed by sound hypothesis) of the same landing page to different…

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The past week, arguably, has been one of the most enlightening thus far on my growth marketing Minidegree journey with CXL.

I have to mention that the program is one of the best you can find on the internet. They did not pay for this ad by the way. LOL

But seriously, I am rethinking my interest in Udacity’s Nanodegree program. The quality of lessons and resources on CXL is just too sturdy. Every digital marketer out there should be thinking of enrolling for one or more of their programs.

The past week’s lessons were in conversion research and optimization…

Monday, March 1st, three years ago, Leonine officially commenced operations as a financial services firm in Nigeria, supporting businesses and professionals to reach full potential. We are marking this milestone with the theme #3yearsofbuildingtrust.

Reports have cited lack of access to finance as one of the biggest challenges facing founders in Africa. Even more, it also identified low capacity and under-skilled talents as an additional layer of roadblock for business growth in Africa. These problems, in 2018, were what we set out to solve.

“Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Every business needs to raise and efficiently manage finances…

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Growth channels are not strange to marketers. We use them every day in a bid to reach set business targets. But do marketers understand them well enough? Maybe, maybe not.

I’ll come back to this.

The first two weeks of CXL’s growth marketing Minidegree scholarship have been quite packed and intense. We’ve walked through an introduction to growth marketing, growth experiments, and user-centric marketing. If you missed the summaries of my key learnings from the program, you can catch up at your own pace here.

Back to the growth channels, how do you know what channels fit your brand goals…

Abdulsamod Balogun

Communications and PR Lead, Leonine Investment Services Limited. Enthused about Technology, New Media, Finance and Leadership.

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